History – Cyprus Skating Federation
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Cyprus Skating Federation
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A short history of the Cyprus Skating Federation

Cyprus Skating Federation was founded in 1992 in Nicosia, where the only ice rink was located.
This became the starting point for a rich sports activity, both in Cyprus and abroad.
In 1995 it became a member of the International Skating Union (ISU).
In 2002 the Cyprus Skating Federation temporarily suspended its sports activities due to the absence of an ice rink.
The operation of ice rinks in 2009, gave the opportunity for reactivation of the Cyprus Ice Rink Federation with three Associations / Clubs and with the late Andreas Georgiades as President. Since then, the efforts for development and promotion of figure skating have intensified and the Federation has managed within a short time of its operation to participate worthily in international competitions. Today, the Associations / Clubs that are registered in the Register of the Federation amount to five.
Cyprus Skating Federation is a member of the Cyprus Sports Organization and the Cyprus Olympic Committee) and the International Skating Union (ISU).