The Federation – Cyprus Skating Federation
Κυπριακή Ομοσπονδία Παγοδρομιών
Βαλκανικοί Αγώνες
Ντανιέλα-Βανέσσα Υψαρίδου - Daniella Vanessa Ypsaridou
Πωλίνα Ουστίνοβα - Polina Ustinova
Τζιόρτζια Ιζαμπέλλα Σέκη - Giorgia Isabella Sechi
Cyprus Skating Federation
Ice Dance
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The Federation


Cyprus Skating Federation consists of an 8-member Council which meets once a month from September to June.
You can find out about the Members of the Council of the Federation by following the link below:
Members of the Council of the Cyprus Skating Federation

Members of the Cyprus Skating Federation

The Members of the Federation are the registered Associations/clubs and amount to five. The list of Members (registered) Associations/clubs can be found at the following link:

List of Cyprus Skating Associations/clubs