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Κυπριακή Ομοσπονδία Παγοδρομιών
Βαλκανικοί Αγώνες
Ντανιέλα-Βανέσσα Υψαρίδου - Daniella Vanessa Ypsaridou
Πωλίνα Ουστίνοβα - Polina Ustinova
Τζιόρτζια Ιζαμπέλλα Σέκη - Giorgia Isabella Sechi
Cyprus Skating Federation
Ice Dance
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Competitions’ Results

In this area you will find information and results from the Cyprus National and International Competitions.

Cyprus Nationals

Cyprus National Competitions are organized by the Cyprus Skating Federation and are held every year.

The competitions are held at the MYMALL ice rink and can be attended by all registered athletes of the Cyprus Skating Federation. Athletes, who are not registered in the Cyprus Ice Skating Federation, can take part as guests out of competition.

International Competitions

International competitions are competitions organized by the Intranational Skating Union (ISU) and the member countries of the ISU. By following the link above you can find the results of the games organized by the ISU.



The athletes of the Cyprus Skating Federation have achieved many successes in international competitions. By following the above link you can find the greatest successes of the athletes.